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Registration Procedures

Registration for Presenter

Every single on time submitted paper will be doubled peer reviewed. Each accepted paper must be presented in ISCRBM 2017, otherwise the paper will be rejected from proceedings. If your paper is accepted, it means that you have already registered automatically, but to be eligible presenter, you must pay the registration fee. Kindly fill the registration form here.

Full payment of the registration fee must be made for each presenter (who attend the seminar and/or present the paper). Presenter Certificate will be given to each presenter who pay the registration fee, attend the whole sessions, and present the paper. Committee can cancel the certificate publication if the presenter violated these requisitions.


Registration for Participant

As participant, you can attend the seminar and presentation. Certificate of Attendance will be given to each participant who pay the registration fee and attend the whole sessions. Thus, full payment of the registration fee must be made. Kindly fill the registration form here.